FPU introduces youth board on Channel 6, local radio

Fayetteville Public Utilities’ Student Utility Board (SUB) learned the importance of communication while in front of the Channel 6 video camera. The students learned first-hand how local programming is produced by FPU and how the utility uses local radio stations and its local access cable channel to educate its customers. 

Each of the seven SUB members was interviewed and given the opportunity to explain what they have experienced while serving on FPU’s youth board and to share their future plans after graduating high school.

“I definitely came out of my comfort zone today for the interviews and TV commercials,” says Anna Belle Bradley, “but I had fun participating in both.” 

“Filming today was kind of scary, but a great experience I couldn’t get anywhere else!” adds Jim Hammons.

The SUB members also learned how FPU produces its radio and television commercials in-house. They saw how script writing, proper lighting and sound quality are all vital to promoting FPU’s products and services via broadcast media. 

The students’ interviews can be seen on FPU’s Channel 6 and online video at FPU’s website. FPU cable subscribers can watch the SUB’s TV commercial on Channel 6 as well as HGTV, Fox News, ESPN1, ESPN2 and TNT.

“I am continually amazed at Fayetteville Public Utilities and all that they do for our community,” says Erin Wakefield. “FPU’s Channel 6 is a great way for FPU customers to be connected with community events.”

“I have learned a lot about FPU, and I am excited to learn more in the months to come,” says Ben Robinson. 

In February FPU’s student board will learn about customer service and experience what it is like to work directly with utility customers.