Electric fuel costs decrease for January

Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) announced this week that Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) total monthly fuel cost will decrease for the month of January by $1.63 for residential electric customers who use the average of 1,330 kilowatts (kWh).

In the month of December, the average electric use of 1,330 kWh cost FPU customers $148.35. In January, the same electric use will cost $146.72.

“Although TVA’s total monthly fuel cost amount decreases in January, the total amount of our utility bills are typically higher in the winter months due to additional electric use for heating and lighting,” says FPU’s CEO and General Manager Britt Dye. 

Winter season rates began on December 1 and remain in place through March 31.  The total monthly fuel cost will continue to change monthly.

For a complete listing of FPU’s electric rates, click on the rates section to the left. 

To help customers with their energy costs, FPU offers a budget billing plan which averages monthly electric and natural gas bills. FPU also offers TVA’s eScore program to help customers save on their energy costs through recommended energy-efficient home improvements. Call FPU at (931) 433-1522 and speak with a customer service representative about budget billing and eScore.