FPU’s Student Utility Board receives awards, Gault presented scholarship

Fayetteville Public Utilities’ Student Utility Board recently gathered for their last 2012-2013 meeting to celebrate their completion of service as the utility’s youth board members.

FPU officials recognized its seven-member youth board members with an appreciation of service plaque and announced the winner of the $500 FPU scholarship. Appreciation awards were awarded to Morgan Helums, Rena Andrews, Jonathan McLeod, Makinsie Gault, Ashley Mitchell and Meghan Sullenger of Lincoln County High School, and to Brian Rozar of Riverside Christian Academy.

In addition to the appreciation award, Makinsie Gault, daughter of Alan and Clara Gault, was awarded the Fayetteville Public Utilities scholarship. She was awarded the FPU scholarship based on her scholarship application and points earned throughout the year as a Student Utility Board member by a three-member committee of the FPU Board of Directors.

Gault plans to study mass communications at Middle Tennessee State University.

Other highlights of the May meeting included recording an announcement for local radio stations, recording a television commercial for FPU’s Channel 6 and their cross-channel advertising networks and gaining hands-on experience working in FPU’s customer service department.

“This was our third year to offer the Student Utility Board program,” says Fayetteville Public Utilities’ CEO and General Manager Britt Dye. “I don’t know of any other utility in the state that offers a youth program such as this, so we are very pleased to be one of the first to work on this level with our youth.”

“We had an outstanding and energetic group of young people serving on our Student Utility Board this year,” says Gina Warren, FPU’s public information specialist and SUB organizer. “Over the past 10 months, these students learned about the roles each utility department plays. They also gained first-hand knowledge about customer service, community partnership, employee teamwork and more.”

Throughout the year, students visited a natural gas gate station, toured the water and wastewater treatment plants, toured an electric substation and switch house, and observed customer service in the administration and operations departments. The youth board also participated in and represented FPU in the annual Harvest of Hope Food Drive, annual Heart Walk, and Relay for Life event and assisted local head start students with needs during the winter.

“It has been a very successful year for our Student Utility Board,” Dye says. “We hope this youth program will continue to grow and educate our young customers about what Fayetteville Public Utilities is and how we work to provide safe and reliable utility services to our community.”




SUB Awards 2013









From left are Student Utility Board members Brian Rozar, Morgan Helums, Rena Andrews, Makinsie Gault, Ashley Mitchell, Meghan Sullenger, Jonathan McLeod with FPU’s CEO and General Manager Britt Dye after receiving their appreciation awards.














Britt Dye congratulates Makinsie Gault on receiving FPU’s $500 Scholarship for 2012-2013.