A Letter from Fayetteville Public Utilities' CEO/General Manager, Britt Dye

A little hard work never hurt anyone: community improvement.



Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) is committed to serving the community by providing safe and reliable utilities. I am excited to announce we have several ongoing projects that will positively impact Fayetteville and Lincoln County. We encourage change and improvements to our infrastructure in order to better meet the needs of our community. 

We are implementing a new redundancy water line heading north on Highway 231/431. This line will tie into the existing water infrastructure. This project would not have been possible if FPU did not receive a total of $5.05 million in a low-interest loan from the State Revolving Loan Fund Program. This loan gave FPU the green light in the design, location, and construction of the secondary water supply line.

The need for new electrical lines for future supply of the community is vital. We are reconductering electrical lines on Highland Rim Road in Lincoln County replacing the current conductor wire with a larger conductor wire. This improvement will be able to withstand a heavier electric load capacity for future growth in that area.

Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) is in the process of changing customers’ meters and replacing them with new advanced metering infrastructure in order to better serve our community. This new technology and service are at no cost to the customer.  The new meters help provide the best service we can give our customers while giving direct feedback to the office in the event of an outage.

As all of this work is in full swing, I ask you to please move over as utility crews are working on the side of the road. Tennessee’s Move Over law includes all utility vehicles. Police, fire and highway construction vehicles are also covered under the law. When changing lanes is not possible, motorists must reduce speed. At FPU, safety is priorty.