FPU Employees Participate in a Day of Service at Amana Head Start

 In conjunction with Tennessee Electric Cooperatives Day of Service, Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) participated in a day of service at Amana Head Start. FPU employees spent time with the children in the program, reading stories and making crafts. 

The Amana Head Start program provides crucial support to families with preschool-age children who live at or below the poverty level or considered “at-risk.” The reality is that hundreds of children don’t have enough healthy food to eat, healthcare, safe childcare, and are not likely to succeed in an educational environment without intervention. 

Head Start is a primarily federally funded program that provides comprehensive care for families with young children who are living at one hundred percent of the federal poverty level. The program includes meals, educational opportunities and family services. SCHRA is the only agency in the surrounding 13 counties that offers Head Start, and it is delivered entirely without cost to participating families. All of this happens thanks to a strong network of community collaboration. At least 10% of Head Start’s enrollment is available to children with disabilities. 

The work of Head Start continues when children are not in the classroom. Teachers check in with families regularly to assess the progress made. Family Partners and staff follow up with other agencies to coordinate services, complete assessments of children’s learning, contact health care providers as needed, provide translations, visit families’ homes, and look for additional resources to support the families and the classrooms. 

“We have a mission to improve life in the communities we serve, and that mission goes far beyond simply keeping the utilities on,” says FPU CEO/General Manager Britt Dye. “We appreciate the work that Head Start is doing in our community, and we are proud to partner with them.” 

In addition to the day of service, FPU is also doing a month-long service project helping to stock the shelves at Junior’s House.