FPU to compete for TN Broadband Accessibility Grant funds

Broadband access is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity for our daily lives. Students need reliable broadband access to complete assignments, farmers need broadband to aid them in planting and harvesting their crops, and residents that are able to work from home need reliable broadband to fulfill the duties of their jobs. Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) realizes this need for our community and is working to secure grant funding to help expand broadband services to our customers in the rural parts of Lincoln County.  FPU is competing in the third round of the State of Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Grant. The Broadband Accessibility Grant is designed to offset the capital expenses in the deployment of broadband in unserved areas. The goal of this grant is to facilitate broadband access to all Tennesseans while promoting practices that increase deployment and encourage adoption. Funds will be targeted to areas that are proven to be underserved currently by the State of Tennessee.   If awarded the grant funding from the State of Tennessee FPU would like to extend our broadband services in the southwest portion of Lincoln County.  The southwest portion includes west of Highway 64 including the areas of McBurg, Dellrose, and Frankewing south to the Alabama border and back north to include sections of Ardmore, Blanche and Taft.  Letters and surveys informing the residents in this area have been sent and FPU has received responses in support of the grant. If you were not able to submit a letter of support or a survey for this endeavor there is still time. Please visit FPU’s website www.fpu-tn.com and click on the Broadband Grant survey link. The survey will help FPU gain more information and be more competitive in securing State of Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Grant funds. If you have any questions about the survey please contact FPU’s Customer Service Department at 433-1522.