FPU Welcomes New Youth Board

FPU welcomes new youth board

Fayetteville Public Utilities (FPU) hosted its first Student Utility Board meeting for the 2018-2019 school year on August 16that the main FPU office for a day of orientation. The orientation day included a tour of the West College Street facility and overview of how FPU serves the community.

The seven high school seniors serving on the 2018-2019 Student Utility Board are John Robert Bagley, Nevarious Hampton, and Stephen Yatsko of Fayetteville High School; Rylee Campbell, Will Mullins and Ben Walp of Lincoln County High School; and Tucker Lucas of Riverside Christian Academy.

Throughout the year, FPU’s youth board will focus on the different utility department operations, customer service, and FPU’s Channel 6. Students will tour such offsite locations as FPU’s Water Treatment Plant, Wastewater Treatment Plant, a Natural Gas gate station and an Electric Substation. 

They will watch and learn as utility employees explain the responsibilities of their jobs in each department, and they will gain hands-on experience in customer service as they spend time in both the administrative and engineering departments. The program includes 10 regular monthly meetings, plus the students are encouraged to participate in other FPU activities and community events. 

“Students will not only learn about our daily operations, but also about some of the current issues the utility faces including costs of providing services and changing technology,” says FPU’s CEO and General Manager Britt Dye.

“These students are our future community leaders and utility customers,” says Dye. “We want them to see from the inside what FPU is and what we do for the community each day. Not only do we plan to share information with these students about FPU, we also hope to gain knowledge from them as to how we can better serve them in the years ahead.”