E-mail Setup

Setting up e-mail:

General Mail settings (for setting up any e-mail client)

  • Incoming Mail Server Type: IMAP
  • Incoming Mail Server Name: mail.fpunet.com
  • Email address will be someadddress@fpunet.com
  • Username is the full email address, including the @fpunet.com
  • Do not use "secure password authentication".
  • Secure connection settings should be SSL.
  • Port should be 993.
  • Our incoming mail server may be accessed from anywhere on the web.
  • Outgoing Mail Server Type: SMTP
  • Outgoing Server Name: mail.fpunet.com
  • Outgoing Server requires authentication, using the same settings as the incoming server.
  • We recommend using a secure connection, called TLS. If TLS is not listed, SSL should work. You should change the port to 587.
  • Alternatively you can use the web e-mail system


Additional note regarding the Web E-Mail system:

Like IMAP, the Fayetteville Public Utilities web e-mail system is based directly on our server, and does not download the e-mail to a local spot on your computer. While many customers use it as their primary means of accessing their e-mail, similar problems to IMAP e-mail can manifest; due to limited amounts of server storage space, a customer may not be able to receive any e-mail if their account fills up, especially with large pictures, audio and video files.